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Dear my LJ friends

I'm back from 4-year hiatus...
If my download links are dead...sorry, I can't do anything about that.
I moved to live and work in another country and left all my subbed files at home.

I just decided it's high time to be active again and will just fangirling the Amazing 5 from afar.

All the best to those who've just friended me...:)

[TV] 24hr TV part 9 (30.08.2008) SUBBED

So super sorry for being away for too long despite having said that I would bring you subbed videos soon....
Real life takes hold of me...things are not pretty....but I'll get through it.

Without further ado, here is the 24hr TV part 9 Odoroki no Arashi :)
Crazy experiments ahead.

Just because I think the way he said it is cute (^_^)         And because I love seeing Ohno worrying about Nino :)

Credits :
Translation : the lovely nyanchan .the original translation is HERE.
Time/typeset/hardsub/ upload : palmandgo ....moi :)
RAW : forgyoza 

MU DOWNLOAD1 part1 part2, Thank you jasminity for the mirror links :)
ZS DOWNLOAD part1 part2 -- big hugs to saragnayan  dearest, for the mirror. 
MU DOWNLOAD2 here (one single file)--Thanks to patziepiva.
MU DOWNLOAD3 here (one single fie)--Thank you, nofareli
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[TV] 24hr TV part7 (30.08.2008) SUBBED

2 releases in 2 days....I'm quite productive lately....* is pleased with herself  ( ^_^ )v
Actually, this should have been released a few days ago...but I had loads of problems with the video file from start to finish. First, MF was being such a pain and then the first video i downloaded turned out corrupt... New download took AGES...and virtualdub shows error messages for no reason a couple of times when hardsubbing....
I don't have 20Mb broadband internet like in the UK and connection here sucks! :(     Well, enough ranting!

This time, it's the stories of Miku-chan, who was born without her right forearm, and Sato-san, who is such an amazing artist with cerebral palsy.
Both stories are touching and inspiring I cried while subbing....you won't cry a river for these like Yuka-chan's story in part2 but I can guarantee that you'll feel good watching it.

Miku-chan looks great with her robotic arm and Sho ....em...looks like he needs a hug...

Credits :
Translation : the amazingnyanchan. the original translation is here.
**This translation was released on nyanchan 's 2nd anniversary of providing us Arashi Fans with countless Arashi-related translations. PLEASE drop by to show her how thankful we are of her hard work and generosity.
Time/typeset/encode/upload : palmandgo---me :)
RAW : forgyoza

MU DOWNLOAD here --Thank you, alaruber.
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This time the file is quite big...about 360MB...I hope you don't mind...

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[TV] 24hr TV part24--Ohno's task (31.08.2008) SUBBED

I don't have much to say...so gonna post this quickly before calling my BF.....
Today is our 6th Anniversary!!! Yay!!!! ( I can't believe we've been together that long....)

Capped this just because he looks sincerely happy talking about drawing....

Credits :
Translation and QC : dearmyclone-- who is such a perfectionist, which I adore! Original translation is here
Time/typeset/hardsub/upload : palmandgo
RAW : forgyoza

MU DOWNLOAD here here and here
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Enjoy a little Ohno time XD


Update on Thailand and my subbed projects...

Yesterday and the day before were the funerals of the 2 persons who died because of the police's violence. About 20 thousand of fellow protesters went to the temples where the funerals were held. Among them were the queen, all members of opposition party and some army big hats.... Killer Prime Minister was no show...but even if he were there, he wouldn't be welcome anyway... My heart goes to the families of the heroes, who lost their lives for their belief. As for now, the protest is still going strong. Supporters from the countryside have flooded the capital city...I think the death of the 2 heroes trigger them to take action.

Again, thanks for all your concerns for my safety. I'm still alive and kicking :) My parents decide that I'm too politically active and became too emotionally involved in the protest that they bought me a trip to Malaysia....and also booked me a hotel in an island somewhere in the southern Thailand afterward....
I'm like...NOOOOOOOO!...But since they've paid for all the expenses already, I can't do anything. I mean what's wrong with doing what you believe is right...to stay true to your ideology and moral code??? My parent said that from their intel, there are loads of factions rising (sponsored by the former Prime Minister Taksin) to eliminate the protester using all means necessary . They said I'm too naive and too optimistic that nothing is gonna happen to me, which is the result of living too long in the UK where HR violation is such a big deal....

So my friends, I'm gonna be away for most of next week and the week after.... I may not be able to reply to your comments but I'll make sure to read all of them when I have a chance.

Project update
As for my projects, I've started subbing nyanchan 's translation of 24hr TV part7, which is the longest so far. It should be done by tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. Please look forward to it :)

dearmyclone has informed me that she's started translating Arashi 2007 Sport Event for me to sub. Since it's a long show. It may take some time. But when she's done, I'll make sure to start subbing right away.

I also have a secret project in collaboration with a lovely secret translator coming up. The translation is still in progress...and I don't even know what it is...but V6 Fans are gonna be so happy :)...that's all I can say for now :D

I've heard that some of you miss Riku and Nori's update....
I miss them so much, too. BF is too lazy to take and send any picture of them for me... (T_T)...I'll smack him hard when I return to the UK!

That's all I gotta say for now...I hope you lovelies in my F-list don't mind me ranting... :(
See you in a few days time with 24hr TV part7 :)

[TV] 24hr TV part6 (30.08.2008) SUBBED

Thanks for all your concerns when I wrote that I would join the anti-government protest in Thailand. It's something I feel so strongly about and I can't just stay at home knowing that the government that order the police to kill its own citizen is still in power.... Big hugs to all of you who are concern about my safety. Please don't worry, I've tried my best to stay out of harm's way.

In this sad time, Arashi is my number 1 refuge. The Boys have never failed to make me laugh til I have tears in my eyes.
I hope this part will bring a smile on  your faces, too, my lovely friends.

Sho was just reaffirming what we've already known....XD

Translation : the awesome nyanchan, who is so kind to us Arashi fans :) ILU! The original Translation is HERE
RAW : forgyoza
Time/Typeset/QC/Hardsub : palmandgo --- me :)

MU DOWNLOAD1 part1 part2-- thanks to tesshi.
ZS DOWNLOAD part1 part2 -- big hugs to the usual uploader, the lovely saragnayan.
here in one single file. -- thank you, nofareli.

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[TV] 24hr TV part5 (30.08.2008) SUBBED

Greetings from Thailand, everyone...I thought this was gonna be a fun vacation but I was greeted by blood and tears of the anti -govenment protesters who were killed and injured by the corrupted police force 2 days ago. Bombs were thrown towards non-violent protesters, resulting in the death of a 21 years old female student and more than 400 were injured. As a politic student with Msc. in interenational relations and securitisation, I'm speechless and was seriously reduced to tears. Thai society is now so close to be in the state of anarchy, in which the armed forces turn against innocent citizens only because the citizens don't support the current regime. I've never thought that Thailand would move way backward on the road toward full democracy...I've already canceled my plan to go to the beach to join the protest and I hope the wrong-doers will be punished real soon.

Enough of the sad story, I hereby present you the 5th part of 24hr TV. I'm sorry that this is released later than usual....I couldn't force myself to finish subbing it when there is another urgent matter at hands. ...let our dorky boys cheer you up from my ranting, ok? :)

Smily Ohno always cheer me up...

Because I'm not in the mood to hide my "hand fetish" XD


Translation: nyanchan, who is such an awesome translator. The original translation is here
Time/typeset/hardsub : palmandgo
RAW from forgyoza

MU DOWNLOAD1 part1 part2 part3--big hugs to nana_komatsu7.
MU DOWNLOAD2 part1 part2 part3-- Thanks to rieayumi, as always :)
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part1 part2 part3
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Til next time (T_T)
the kids

[TV] 24hr TV part28 --Jun's Task ( 31.08.2008) SUBBED

This is my first time collaborating withdearmyclone , who is an awesome translator.
I only subbed  Jun's task in Cambodia since Nino's swimming task has been subbed by Stormy Team Sub already.

When asked whether he likes children or not....Jun said

I love his face in this angle.....and btw, Jun, we all know that you are not so fond of children!

Credits :

RAW :forgyoza 
Translation & QC :dearmyclone  The original translation, including Nino's task can be found HERE.
Time/typeset amd all the rest : me :)

MU  DOWNLOAD1 here-- uploaded by hontowa /dearmyclone , the translator herself * hug (whole file, not MF mirror)
MU DOWNLOAD2 here --uploaded by the lovely rieayumi ( (whole file, not MF mirror)
SS DOWNLOAD part1 part2 -- this is not a mirror of the MF-- big hugs to saragnayan 

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Thanks for all the well-wishing you lovelies have given me for my trip to Thailand. I'm sure I'll definitely have a great time there.

I may not have access to the internet for a couple of day...so I'm sorry if I can't reply to your comments. But when I do have access, I'll make sure to read them all since they are really appreciated.

the kids

[TV] 24hr TV part4 (30.08.2008) SUBBED

This week subbed 24hr Tv is released a bit later than usual....sorry m( _ _ )m
I've been pretty busy packing... I'm going to Thailand ! Yay!

This part doesn't have Arashi's action at all apart from a few MC lines...but the Asumi-chan's story is very touching.
The dart trip interview is hilarious! I love Masami-san... <3

I cap this for the smily Jun XD---let the smile lure you in...

Translator : the lovely nyanchan  .The original translation is here. Please go thank her at her LJ, first and foremost.
Timimg and typesetting and all the rest :  me :)

I don't mind if you leave me a comment or not but please click here to leave nyanchan a thank you so she'll translate more for us :)

MF Download here
MU Download here  and here-- thanks to rieayumi  for and rainawallis  for the links :D
ZS Download part1 part2 part3 part4 -- Thanks to the lovely saragnayan 

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[Video clip] Crack Arashi cartoons :D

 Again, Monday is coming in 8 mintues.....
I always have Monday blue....

I've been subbing 24hr TV all afternoon...and now have to rest a bit before QC....tired eyes can't see things clearly...

I came across this crack video, which I can't resist to post.

I'm sure many of you have seen it already but...yeah...for this who haven't seen it and are bored like me, this will certainly cheer you up ( it works for me XD)

 both videos credit to uploader :  yasu0w0 at youtube :)

This second one crack me up the most. I couldn't stop laughing at the compilation of their drawings....

The person who made these crack cartoons has gained all my love for today :)....whoever you are, you are such a pure win!